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We specialise in strategy development and executive & senior leadership development. Promethean delivers thought-provoking, engaging courses in a variety of strategic-level topics. As an accredited CMI centre we can work with you to identify challenges, design solutions, deliver the training inputs, and support learners towards personal and professional growth. We can also provide project management of cohorts and active support for students to achieve recognised qualifications.

Who are the Chartered Management Institute

CMI was established in 1947 as the British Institute of Management to help rebuild British industry on the wake of the Second World War.  CMI’s goal is the same now as it was then, ‘to raise the quality and standard of management in the workplace’

CMI offer nationally recognised qualifications, regulated by Ofqual in England, CCEA in Northern Ireland, Qualifications Wales in Wales and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) in Scotland. CMI qualifications provide a pathway for learners to becoming Chartered Managers. They are the only professional body to offer Chartered Manager Status for learners.

CMI provide a wealth of resources through research, thought leadership with practical insight for the leaders of today and tomorrow.  CMI qualifications, networking opportunities and events allow professionals from all sectors and industries to connect and become the best Managers and Leaders they can be. Their aim is to increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers’.

CMI's Impact

CMI qualified managers and leaders make a positive impact on businesses helping them to grow and thrive. CMI’s research shows that management and leadership development leads to 23% increases in organisational performance and a 32% increase in employee engagement. Chartered Managers on average deliver £391k of value to their organisations.

CMI Qualifications​

Many of our products include the opportunity to take a CMI Qualification alongside the training to ensure you have the opportunity to embed the learning. Professional Qualifications and Chartered status are crucial if individual managers and organisations are to succeed. Possessing a professional Qualification potentially leads to additional earnings of £81,000 over a career for individuals and makes them 9% more employable.

How becoming CMI accredited will benefit you

‘Being a member of CMI gives you professional recognition, alongside a vast array of career-enhancing benefits and resources to help you achieve your goals’

CMI offer a range of qualifications to support development across a number of levels, providing a professional pathway for learners. Whether you are just starting out on your management journey and looking to develop your skills or you are an established manager who wants to upskill and look at progression to the next level, CMI will have the qualifications to help you achieve this. 

CMI qualifications are aligned to the skills employers need and real job roles, with current research, resources and tools available for you to use in your own development and that of your team.

We will support you every step of the way​

Our team of highly skilled tutors and support team will work with you to deliver the course you need, in the way that works for you, in line with the CMI qualifications.  

You will be supported post-course as you work through the required assignments to gain the CMI qualification, through tutorials and a range of dedicated support materials. We know that every individual and business is different and will be happy to discuss an approach that works for you. 

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