Research has consistently demonstrated that follow on coaching embeds learning and change, making the return on investment real and sustainable. We can provide 1:1 Coaching, Team Coaching or Mentoring to supplement your learning and development.

Why Choose Professional Coaching?

Great Coaching is about getting you to recognise and appreciate the potential within yourself. It is a conversation in which you are, gently, guided through the jungle of your barriers to self-worth and self-knowledge. It is not a passive exercise, however. To move forward you need to engage with the process but at your own pace. You can do so, knowing that you are in a safe and non-judgmental place, but with someone who will encourage you to make the step.

The aim is whatever you decide it is. Your coach will help you to materialise and articulate your aim, ensure it is realistic and help you look at your options for achieving it. The results of the changes you bring about from being coached last a lifetime. For the investment of hours, you will gain decades of benefit.

Our Coaches

James Willerton

James is an experienced coach and teaches accredited mentoring and engaging, whilst still being prepared to ask the direct or difficult questions. As a client you will be encouraged to explore new perspectives on situations, and to relate the decisions you make to your longer-term goals.

Coaching approaches:

Considering new perspectives, understanding your own values and motivations, building confidence, resolving conflict, improving self-awareness, using metaphor to deepen understanding, collaborative approach.

Mentoring experience:

Business management, leadership, process engineering, recruitment, strategy, wellbeing, decision making, performance management and teamwork, change management, private sector, public sector, third sector, professional services.

Kelly Beaumont​

Kelly is an experienced and certified personal performance and executive coach. Her style is supportive balance with constructive challenge, asking the questions that need asking to raise awareness and minimise interference. As a client you will be encouraged to really get to know yourself in order to achieve the goals you are working towards both short and longer-term.

Coaching approaches:

Focused on behavioural preferences and how they influence personal and working relationships, helping clients overcome blockers by offering perspective through reframing, future thinking and past reflection, building confidence and challenging limiting beliefs whilst understanding personal values and individual drive

Mentoring experience:

Leadership development, performance management, teamwork and collaboration, stakeholder and relationship management, wellbeing and women’s health covering both public and private sector at all client levels.

Pierson Stratford

Pierson is easy to talk to, with a straightforward, calm and practical coaching style, based on 20 years of experience and two postgraduate coaching qualifications. He has a flexible approach that focuses people’s attention just where it is required, to help them achieve what matters to them most.

Coaching approaches:

Focused primarily on career development, applying new learning to work situations to develop and deliver results. Pierson helps individuals to make sense of complex circumstances and maximise the application of their own key skills and talents to prevail, prosper and achieve outcomes.

Mentoring experience:

Talent management, directly supporting the career growth of emergent talent on multiple graduate schemes. Working with Senior leaders in turnaround situations to overcome significant challenges. Supporting mid-career leaders to develop new pathways to personal success.

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